H2O makes hadoop do math!

H2O = fast statistical, machine learning & math runtime for bigdata

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H2O makes hadoop do math! H2O scales statistics, machine learning and math over BigData. H2O is extensible and users can build blocks using simple math legos in the core. H2O keeps familiar interfaces like R, Excel & JSON so that big data enthusiasts & & experts can explore, munge, model and score datasets using a range of simple to advanced algorithms. Data collection is easy. Decision making is hard. H2O makes it fast and easy to derive insights from your data through faster and better predictive modeling

Product Vision for first cut:




Community & Marketing

We will breathe & sustain a vibrant community with the focus of taking software engineering approach to data science and empower everyone interested in data to be able to hack data using math and algorithms.


SriSatish Ambati
Cliff Click
Tomas Nykodym
Kevin Normoyle
Tom Kraljevic
Earl Hathaway
Irene Lang
Spencer Aiello
Amy Wang
Anqi Fu 
Arno Candel
Michal Malohlava
Nidhi Mehta
Ray Peck
Anand Avati

Sales & Marketing
Josephine Wang
Betty Liang

Petr Maj
Jan Vitek


Scientific Advisory Council

Stephen Boyd
Rob Tibshirani
Trevor Hastie

Systems, Data, FileSystems and Hadoop

Doug Lea
Chris Pouliot
Dhruba Borthakur
Niall Dalton


Jishnu Bhattacharjee, Nexus Venture Partners
Anand Babu Periasamy
Anand Rajaraman